My, what a busy week...

I've been working a lot lately, and on a lot of different things that I really want to see get done. If I had the choice I'd just work on one project till completion, but I've had to learn to just dive into certain things just to build up some momentum, spend time where I can, and be ready to switch gears at a moments notice. Just when it starts to feel like you're bogging down in the muck, you get a nice surprise like finished headbadges and a bike back from the painter! Here are a few things that stuck out in the last week:

Headbadges came back from laser engraving. After having the badges laser cut out of stainless steel, I gave some of them a satin finish and the others I polished and had the MAP name laser engraved by Joe at Engraveyourtech

I like the brushed badges the most.

Track bike came back from the painter with the new graphics. I can't wait to see this all built up and going round and round Alpenrose track this spring. Drew is a strong rider so I wouldn't be surprised to see the bike in some top finishes.

Been enjoying making my own seatstay caps. Simple, yet very pleasing touch at least from my perspective as the builder since the shape is totally in my hands. Plus, they make for super light seatstays in comparison to using those bulky plug-style caps

Starting on another mixte shortly which is really exciting. I'll be posting pictures as soon as it starts taking shape.

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