Report from The Queen City

I recently had the chance to build a touring bike for a customer in Cincinnati. A few months had gone by since she'd received it, and I heard from her the other day:

"Dear Mitch,

Just wanted to let you know that my bicycle is, two months later, still exactly what I wanted and needed.  I haven't been to physical therapy for my shoulder since it arrived (as I'm finally riding something that fits), and I have to schedule in an extra ten minutes to just about any ride because people want to talk to me about it.  Cincinnati isn't a very bike-oriented place, but I've had members of the pipe fitters local union stop to ask me who made such a beautiful machine (the pipe fitters send their regards and compliments on your welding technique).  

If I ever need another bicycle I am coming back to you.  Schlepping up three major hills to work has become a joy rather than a burden--it is worth every single penny that I put into it.  Thank you for the dedication you have shown to your craft.  Two thumbs way up, Mitch. 


Thanks Katie, you made my day.