650B Project update

Built up the first of the Project bikes and thought I'd share some photos for those patiently waiting for their own. The build came together really well. The fit of the rack, fender line, lighting, and proportions are all just right for my taste. The first ride put a big smile on my face to be sure and I can't wait to put the rest into the hands of their owners. I predict a lot of big grins. This one is heading up to Seattle to be ridden by the editor of Bicycle Quarterly. Details on the build and can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mapcycles
Feel free to contact me at info@mapbicycles.com if interested.


AllanF said...

Just got the BQ issue yesterday. Congratulations on an outstanding review! It takes something really special to impress Jan, and he seemed really impressed.

Mitch Pryor said...

Thanks Allan. You're right and I'm really looking forward to continuing this project over the years. I think there needs to be more bikes like this out there..

Michael S said...

It's nice that you built him a bike that actually fit him. I'm looking forward to the review.

His test of the Pegoretti that was 4 sizes too large was ridiculous.