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I'm in Michigan for 10 days learning to paint - wet paint. Doug Fattic (who I built my first frame with) invited me to glean what I can and paint a bike in exchange for some grunt work on my part, helping him with some of the frames he's painting at the moment. I couldn't pass up the opportunity, especially since I feel doing ones own paint is the final frontier for a framebuilder in terms of seeing your vision through to the final product. Not many builders out there can paint as well, and I'm not going to be painting my own bikes for a while, but even just getting a better understanding of the challenges a painter faces will help me refine the work that I do as a framebuilder. That's important to me. I'm excited to be here. Check back over the next week as I post photos and tidbits from my time here.


Anonymous said...

this is really exciting mitch! i'm super stoked for you.

Mitch Pryor said...

A whole new slew of challenges - I'm loving it.