So, here you are:

Well, I guess I'm starting this blog with as much myself in mind as anyone who might visit it, so if you're here reading this now please bear with me, there is more substance to come.

I've been trying to keep a photographic record of my work building bicycles over the last few years, and it's been spotty and mostly I just have pictures of the finished product. That's nice and all but framebuilding is quite an elaborate and involved process, and it's not always easy to stop and take notes. I'm hoping that this blog will give me a reason to pause and take note of what I'm doing. After all, I've given a large chunk of myself over to the pursuit of framebuilding and as I become more and more entangled in it I find the need to raise the bar in the quality of my work more pressing. So, it is the refinement of the framebuilding process that will be my focus.

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